Real Coin for business

Our missions in the business and goods and services of everyday life:

The Real Coin team thinks of the best for you, so we sought solutions with a global approach to the exchange of your goods and services to different parts of the world, and today we are proud to say that Rail has started the largest project of purification of goods and exports and imports.

Our missions:

1- The possibility of trading goods and services through Real Coin platform
2- Purification of goods from different parts of the world with a special transportation route
3- Buy and sell all digital with Real Coin intelligent payment system
4- The evolution of the world of trading through an intelligent robot based on artificial intelligence in the trading of global markets and the trading markets of countries
5- Creating an active financial cycle in your business
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Now, what Real Coin has achieved globally in the field of business and we will continue the process of each of them and the features of these projects:


Samap>SAMAP business platform is a concept far beyond a website and mobile application with a fixed structure to provide services to a limited number of businesses. Here we are talking about an ecosystem that is composed of various interrelated components. In general, the mission of this ecosystem will include two main parts: Solve existing problems as well as create the desired mechanism, so that each of the influential components in this ecosystem can easily perform the tasks related to their role and receive the required services. Due to the variety of influencing factors and also the multiplicity of each of these factors that have a different relationship and interaction with this ecosystem, the architecture of this system is such that without the need to engage with technical concepts, define the type of interaction of each factor it is provided with a completely customized system. For this purpose, Pars International Technology Development Group to provide special services of SAMAP platform at national and international level with Hamrah System software company to transfer the latest technology in the field of payment systems and now the payment switch and value added investment The special subscribers of the SAMAP platform have done so in the form of a common identity called SAMAP. In general, an application that is responsible for providing various services related to different businesses, should have the following features:

►1- Ease of defining and providing any service without the need for technical knowledge and only with the knowledge of the business.
►2- Ability to provide new services to the contact without the need to reinstall the application.
►3- Ability to provide features in applications that are prepared independently and coded.
►4- Ability to share resources between organizations and service providers regardless of their size.
►5- Simple user interface and easy access to the requested services and avoid congestion and combination of different services and businesses.
►6- Ability to provide services related to any business on request and not having to be in a special format with a dedicated user interface for each business.
►7- Provide a simple and inexpensive environment for the presence and growth of startups.

The architecture of the SAMAP platform has been such that any person can be accepted as the owner of one or a number of businesses. Therefore, this product is not limited to predefined services, and the possibility of defining new services and creating capabilities similar to other applications is provided simply and without technical knowledge. In this platform, it is possible to define any type of business in any size and with any number of users. in such a way that after defining the business owner, the application will be provided to its users with the relevant acceptor code, and after installation, the desired users will see the services related to that acceptor by default on their home page. In this case, the logo This business replaces the default application logo at the top of the home screen. In large businesses or organizations that have a large number of users, if desired, the possibility of rebranding and presenting the product with the name, design and color of the business or organization is possible. In this case, despite the use of products with Alternatively, resource sharing is still possible. Due to the architecture of this system and the ease of sharing resources between different businesses,business owners, in addition to being able to provide services to their customers in the simplest possible way, will benefit from the following.

►Motivate your customers more by giving them access to other services
►Receive a fee if these customers refer to other businesses
►Visiting customers of other businesses to use the services of this business

It should be noted that the information about the customers of each business is confidential and will not be accessible by other businesses in any way, and the customers of each business can refer to other businesses only with the coordination and license of the source business.