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Our mission in the education sector includes the following:

1- Interaction and cooperation with prestigious and international universities
2- Creating healthy scientific-research competition at the international level
3- Holding scientific and international webinars
4- Creating educational businesses at the international level
5- Establishing entrepreneurial markets and startup events in real and virtual internationally

One of our educational international Project in the virtual universities section:


In order to develop and improve virtual training, which is considered as one of the main pillars of empowering people and increasing productivity in individual and organizational performance, holding effective virtual training courses can be considered a big step. Due to the development of LMS e-learning software in the world, e-learning has gained a special importance and position, so the use of traditional methods for learning is becoming more expensive every day and do not end there. Some of the most important benefits of using e-learning for organizations and institutions are as follows: The most important factor is choosing a virtual education. The savings due to the elimination of part of the costs such as teachers' salaries, rent of classrooms, travel expenses of students, rent of rooms or dormitories can be easily measured and calculated; But perhaps the most important factor in the acceptance of this training method by companies and large organizations is the reduction of time away from employees when participating in in-service training courses. Today, with the help of advanced technology and the facilities provided by the World Wide Web, it is possible for students of distance education courses to participate in virtual classes while enjoying live training by professors, and live communication with other students And have direct.
For this purpose, G & S ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD R&D Group in the field of virtual education, exchange of experienced and efficient professors, holding professional and academic seminars and workshops, optimal use of hardware and software capacities with universities and training centers The High Authority has signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the national and international levels. Also, G & S ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD R&D Group to hold virtual training courses at national and international level with London College to transfer world-class technology in the form of virtual training in ten world languages. Professional and academic courses at national level and internationally, they have made a joint venture for e-learning in the form of a common identity called Unita. By accepting this principle and believing that professional and committed individuals can play an effective role in continuing and popularizing virtual training courses as they deserve, with a new plan and program based on: competency-oriented and purposeful planning We have defined shaping the job of applicants in a competitive scenario, ensuring the acquisition of applied skills in a profession in a specialized way.
parallax background

Our mission on unita:

  • Interaction and cooperation with prestigious universities at the national and international levels.
  • Creating healthy scientific-research competition at national and international level
  • Holding scientific webinars at national and international level
  • Establish national and international educational businesses
  • Establishment of entrepreneurship and empowerment markets virtually nationally and internationally
  • Dissemination of graduation degrees from prestigious universities nationally and internationally
  • Provide a simple and inexpensive environment for the presence and growth of startups
  • Communicate and interact with the network of professional managers at the national and international levels.
  • Differences and benefits:
  • Use an independent, comprehensive system and comprehensive service integration instead of
  • Assign three user areas to each person in the position of university, faculty and department, teachers and students
  • multiple systems.
  • Utilization of a completely native system, which due to its independence from external systems, it is not possible to sanction, filter and restrict its services, and is fully supported.
  • Creating a suitable mechanism for real ranking of instructors and training courses through the points of the recipients of educational services.
  • Appropriate introduction space for the audience to motivate and advise to enroll in the course
  • Content does not leave the system space, unlike other systems that use ready-made external platforms.
  • Reasonable cost of the system compared to internal and external systems by creating a unique revenue model
  • Having Android and iPhone smartphone apps.
  • Creating a training program for teachers and professors based on free time and courses held and informing the audience
  • Provide a dedicated university website with your own brand domain.
  • Create a dedicated database of students, instructors and other users
  • Very easy communication with the audience
G & S ENTERPRISES (PTY) LTD R&D Group, in cooperation with London College, is trying to be by your side in drawing up a conscious vision in implementing skills-applied courses in order to increase the capabilities of your learners in the labor market. Based on the measures taken, it will define and design a strategy for developing and nurturing talents and will provide learners with the alignment of the organization's competencies through managerial skills, guidance and mastery along with executive experience.